The brand

Deluna Lounge was founded to prove it’s possible to create products that combine beautiful design, premium quality, ethical manufacturing and social impact, without costing a fortune. With each purchase, you are creating lasting change in the garment industry.

We are a different kind of fashion business giving customers an alternative to fast fashion. The fast fashion industry is fueled by insatiable demand for cheap clothing and has a devastating impact, from sweatshops and child labour to pollution and global warming. Slow Fashion means standing up against exploitation, family separation, slum cities and pollution.

Deluna Lounge was created in 2016 with the vision to offer high quality clothing through tradition and innovation. Our main  guidlines are truthfulness, consciousness and quality. 

We take pride in our clothes and every piece is designed and made in Norway. Each garments made with special attention to detail and tailoring techniques.

Deluna Lounge personal style decisions is an ideal of timeless beauty. Every creations expresses the beauty and elegance, that in respect of the artisanal tradition of Couture, is hand made.

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Jane Teland
Founder & Designer